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We sent messages back and forward and I then asked her out. I wanted to take her to a Games Cafe for our first date but when we got there it was fully booked, so we had to settle for a coffee shop. It didn't matter though, we hit it off really well and we arranged to meet up again. When we did I bought her jelly beans to make up for the ones she missed out in the Games Cafe. Apparently this won her heart and we had our first kiss. After 9 months of dating (through the pandemic) she moved in with me. 3 months later we bought our first house and 3 months after that, I proposed and she said yes. In October 2021 we got married and are very happy together. She already has two grown up children, one of which had a baby 2 days after our wedding! In 2 years I went from being completely single to being a proud (step) grandad! We are now planning moving out to the country to own a smallholding and set up a family business.
Ade, 6 June 2022
Met my perfect man...We have so much in common and after a couple of dates I know he's the one for me. Sooooooo happy!!
Hilary, 6 June 2022
Met a beautiful person and feel so lucky.
Peter, 31 May 2022
I am now in a very happy relationship with one of the first people to make contact with me.
Kim, 25 May 2022
I found a perfect match - and we couldnít be happier. We are now married and enjoying our lives together.
Eric, 25 May 2022
I found the girl of my dreams on this website.
Frances, 23 May 2022
I luckily found the girl of my dreams through your site. Thank you so much!
Nicky, 22 May 2022
I met a lovely man through this site in January, five months on we have gone from strength to strength and are planning a life together as a family. Thanks Country Loving, Iím very happy.
Catherine, 22 May 2022
Situation is that it looks like I shall be stepping out with a lady from this site... Pleased with service.
Vincent, 19 May 2022
Your match was spot on!!!!! I've never met someone more perfect in every way for me. Thank you xx
Lola, 13 May 2022
Found my soulmate and its amazing. Thank you.
Curtis, 11 May 2022
Iíve fallen in love.. Iím so happy Ö thank you x
Emma, 10 May 2022
Thank you! Heís perfect!
HIlary, 8 May 2022
I found what I was looking for and I am delighted.
Joe, 23 April 2022
So far so good. Crossed fingers!
Melissa, 20 April 2022
I found someone I love here. It is wonderful, and scary as we have such strong feelings, and now they have to be tested by time. It was a good day I joined here, amazingly good, and I pray it continues.
Dren, 20 April 2022
Only on a week and found my soulmate thank you!
Steve, 17 April 2022
It's early days but it's looking promising. Thanks.
Carol, 9 April 2022