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He is perfect could not have asked for more and do not need to look anymore. Thank You.
Barbara, 5 August 2022
Have met a rather delightful lady!
Mark, 2 August 2022
I have found my perfect match. She is a lovely woman.
Wayne, 2 August 2022
Found Mr Perfect.
Mand, 1 August 2022
Just magic, never been happier for many a year.
Stephen, 1 August 2022
He is, the second guy I met, absolutely gorgeous man. We are both so happy and excited about the future.
Renee, 23 July 2022
This site has been great, I have met a dozen genuinely nice chaps and enjoyed the process. I have recommended the site to half a dozen girlfriends and I have now met (who seems) my love match!
Suzanne, 16 July 2022
I've met the sweetest man on here...early days but let's see where this takes us.
Dawn, 11 July 2022
I looked at her profile and was really interested and she got a paid subscription just so she could talk with me. We texted and then called on NY Eve 2021 and met a few days later… for both of us, the first and only meeting we’d had through the app! Now we both agree, this could be ‘it’ and as I often tell her, thank goodness for the best mistake she ever made!
Peter, 30 June 2022
I have met someone great, we'll see how it goes...
Christopher, 28 June 2022
I'm happy. I've been seeing someone for 14 months now.
Derek, 20 June 2022
Met the loveliest man in the world - thanks!
Louise, 19 June 2022
With only days to go, I was contacted by someone local who was also into their final week. His punctuation looked fine and he got all the jokes in my profile... Our first date was in a bookshop and we soon realised we ticked each other's boxes in person as well as on paper. Thank you xxx
Kelly, 18 June 2022
Found someone and we are seeing where it goes.
Patricia, 17 June 2022
We’re getting married!!!
Paul, 14 June 2022
Met my perfect match... she's the woman of my dreams... and I hope much more besides...
Mark, 9 June 2022
Together now for 18 months.
Jane, 8 June 2022
Thank you.
Harry, 7 June 2022