Dating Second Time Around

30 November 2016

Decide what you want from on-line dating

Firstly make sure you are ready to date again (if you are still suffering after divorce or the death of a partner it may be that you need more time). Then be clear on what you are hoping to achieve by connecting with potential partners on-line: are you looking for friendship? Someone to have a bit of fun with? Or a new long-term partner? Once you start emailing and messaging people it's best to be honest about your intentions so they don't feel mislead.

Keep an Open Mind

Later in life we can be very set in our ways with established hobbies and routines. Be prepared to try new things and places and to consider people with different interests and ideas. Approaching dating with an open mind and a positive attitude will make it more fun and increase your chances of meeting someone.

Itís OK to talk

Most people later in life will have 'history' (other partners, children, and probably a bit of emotional baggage) so it is perfectly OK to mention some of that when you meet a new date, but keep it at that. If you find yourself constantly name-checking people and/or events from your past, remember your date is interested in who you are, and not everyone else in your life.

Enlist a support crew

Share your on-line dating plans with a close friend(s) or your family. They can help you write your profile, decide what to wear on your dates and will probably encourage you to consider people you might otherwise not consider. At the end of the day they will be the ones you can share the 'disastrous dates' with and celebrate the happy endings!

Youíre not in this alone

For some light relief, check out Country Living's 'Diary of a Country Lover' column every month for a humorous look at rural dating through the eyes of our very own lonely farmer Imogen Green who is also dating in later life.