First Dates - a CL guide to enjoying the experience

30 November 2016

Start with a coffee

This gives you the option to depart easily should you decide your date is not for you. You can always order a second cup if things are going well.

Treat each date as a new opportunity

As well as meeting your date, take the opportunity to try a new place or new activity, so at least if your first meeting doesn’t lead to further dates it will have been an interesting experience.

Suggest doing an activity

Doing an activity together, rather than sitting face to face across a dinner table, is much less intense and will give you plenty to talk about whilst you get to know one another. For example, go for a walk, visit a garden or attend a concert or county show. It might also be a good opportunity to try out your date’s hobby – people can be much more relaxed when they are doing something they love and you will see them at their best.

Switch your phone to silent

Make sure you give your date your full attention and avoid being distracted by texts and email alerts. You will of course get more from the date and will make a much better impression.

Avoid idealizing your date before you meet them

One of the things to watch for in on-line dating is the tendency to idealise the person you have chatted to and connected with on the site and to build up unrealistic expectations ahead of the first meeting which can lead to disappointment. Going to meet someone in person for the first time with an open mind is the best option and means you are less likely to write them off in the first two minutes of meeting.

Be Prepared to Travel

Many people who live and work in the countryside are tied to their location, but if you like someone enough to want to meet up it could well be worth travelling as they could turn out to be the perfect person for you.

Stay Safe

Arrange to meet in a public place, always make sure that a friend or family member knows where you are going, what time you are meeting and has your mobile phone number. Arrange with a friend to text/call on your return home.